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Competitive Team Bonding vs Collaborative Team Building

Collaborative vs Competitive

Continuing on from my previous post, fun team building is usually either collaborative or competitive. And in a hybrid work situation, most teams require both, to be able to gel both as a team working together "against" the outside world, g.g. competitive, and as a collection of humans, working TOGETHER to get things done, e.g. collaborative.

Naturally, most team building, particularly the “fun” stuff, is either competitive or collaborative. To decide what’s right for your group, it’s good to ascertain what problem you are solving. If your team is suffering from disenchantment and a loss of purpose- competitive! Harness the bonding power of “Us versus them!” But if your team is suffering from too much-siloed work, losing the chance to problem-solve together, a collaborative event is more beneficial.


  • Screenshot Bingo Challenge your team to screenshot or photograph humorous office moments off of their custom Bingo cards, like twin outfits in the office, someone’s cat appearing on screen, or the ubiquitous “you’re on mute” moment in the team call.

  • Murder mystery (and other traditional games) Anything that can be played over a longer time period, allowing people to dip in and out, is great for hybrid teams. Fun prizes for winners are a must!

  • Hybrid bake-off. Those in the office are scored on flavor and texture, those at home are scored on presentation.


  • Escape rooms- make sure they are built on the idea of collaboration, if everyone is solving the same puzzle alone it doesn’t give much bonding opportunity.

  • Scavenger hunts can be both collaborative and competitive, it's important to work with a company that has experience blending the in-person with the remote to make it fun for everyone.

  • New skill building, like a pottery class/kit

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