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How is your environment affecting your energy?

What environmental cues are boosting or zapping your energy while working from home?

Environmental cues are the clues our brain looks for for how to behave in a situation, like the desks and fluorescent lit conference rooms of the modern office say WORK. In addition, the variety of workplaces, e.g. your desk, different conference rooms, shared spaces, etc… gives you a feeling of control and diversity throughout the day, things that can really be lacking in work from home. Not to mention the shared definition of space for those unfortunately working from their kitchen counters or bedrooms. This can make it very hard to separate the work day from time off.

The other factors that define my work day:

  1. Apparel and hygiene: getting up, showering, and dressing for "work"

  2. Timing: the hours I work

  3. Schedule: when I do which tasks

  4. Physical Location: do I stay in one space? A proper desk?

  5. Activity: Am I moving around to brainstorm or take calls while walking

  6. Meetings: What does my calendar look like?

What are you using to create a framework around work?

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