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The Guy with the Peloton in the Background - and 7 Other Coworkers You See on Zoom

In a virtual-first office, people’s backgrounds are saying as much about them as their shoes do in person. That is to say, A LOT. What do these common backgrounds tell you about your coworkers?

  1. Clever virtual backgrounds. Recreating your colleague’s virtual childhood bedroom that they Zoomed in from over Christmas? This practical joker is hoping to hide behind their humor to avoid answering the tough questions.

  2. Boring blank wall. These mystery folks leave EVERYTHING to the imagination. They obviously take their privacy very seriously, but it makes you ask, what are they hiding?

  3. Kids barging in. I’m bringing my whole self to work, take it or leave it. When is the office opening again?

  4. Beach in Hawaii. I am rich. I don’t care if that makes you, squished in a makeshift office in your kitchen cupboard, uncomfortable.

  5. Peloton. I am proud of who I am. And I am an upper middle class suburbanite afraid of gaining the covid 20

  6. Tasteful bookshelves. Bonus points for leather books. I took this assignment very seriously. Find fault with my flawless taste if you dare.

  7. Wacky art. I never get sick of derailing a meeting and focusing the attention on me and the weird stuff behind me.

  8. Seriously messy bedroom. IDGAF. Or I have very small children and honestly, I just can’t, ok?

  9. A guitar. I am cool. No, really, I am cool. I am cool!

Jokes aside, your background does matter. People make snap judgments all the time based on the superficial things they see. In person, this is often your apparel and grooming, but at home youre background plays a big role. Who do you want to be at the office?

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