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Digital Empathy Consulting


Using proven frameworks for approaching leadership, communication, and team skills for virtual and hybrid environments, McKenna can help you develop a strategy and execution plan for your virtual leadership pain points.

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Knowledge Distribution in a Hybrid Workforce

The number one issue with successful remote and hybrid workforces is keeping information flowing effectively to the right people for the right reasons at the right time.  Using a strategic framework developed as a global marketing leader of a distributed team, McKenna will evaluate your documentation, meetings, and onboarding to optimise for knowledge distribution.  As some teams return to the office, McKenna can help leadership ensure that the transparency required for fully remote work does not slip away and lead to an in-person bias.  This solution can also be tailored to increase feelings of trust in teams, to optimise the use of meetings and presentations, or for the use of transparent goals to help teams succeed.

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Virtual interviewing is an amazing opportunity to level the playing field amongst different types of candidates.  McKenna can help leaders assess their interviewing style and format to understand what’s needed to optimize for virtual interviews.  She will create bespoke interviewing playbooks to ensure that candidates from all backgrounds are judged against useful and objective criteria, while allowing the culture and benefits of the hiring company to shine through.

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What really makes remote leadership different?

There’s nowhere to hide in virtual leadership, no chumminess to gloss over systemic issues with how an organization is managed. To put it succinctly, virtual management requires the best from managers. Remote leadership requires more empathy, transparency, prioritization, and trust than its in-person counterpart.

  • Digital Empathy

  • Transparency

  • Prioritization

  • Trust

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