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Digital Empathy Leadership Training


Creating An Effective, Virtual-First Communication Culture

What defines a great remote communications style? Technology is here to help us not define us, but it might not always feel that way with hundreds of Slacks, emails, and video calls coming our way each day.

McKenna will walk through a practical framework to create cultures for your mediums, both synchronous and asynchronous. Once you’ve strategically assessed how to best use your channels, you can build a culture of transparent, empathetic, and clear communication.


You Can't Do Trust Falls Over Zoom. Building Team Culture Remotely.

McKenna will start with why we need a culture of trust and what defines a virtual team culture. She’ll then walk through pragmatic ways leaders can approach their annual team building calendar, from frequency and cadence; topic choices, like skills development versus delight; and how to include hybrid teams effectively.

Implementation Planning

Giving Great Virtual Feedback

Feedback is crucial to everyone’s growth and development, but it can be uncomfortable to give, even more so when you feel distanced from someone you’ve never met face to face.
McKenna’s easy to understand framework, the Why Who What Where When Method, of remote feedback helps managers and individual contributors best provide feedback, both positive and critical, to those around them.

On a Video Call

How To Be A Great Virtual Job Candidate.

Being a great virtual interviewer requires a lot of the same skills as an in-person interview, it’s just more demanding. We’ll look at how you can put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes to present your best self on screen.
For schools and professional organizations, McKenna will cover reading non-verbal cues over video-conference, effective virtual answers to interview styles, and how to present yourself visually and auditorily.
She can also discuss virtual networking and mentorship, to put job-seekers in the best position to get the interview.

Finance Consultancy

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